Fireborn Northern Inuits
Bred with love for healthy and happy lives
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Our names are Danni and Kris and we are small breeders based near Northallerton, North Yorkshire. Our dogs live at home with us and are part of the family (believe me bath time is now a whole family affair). We are adhering to the breeders code of ethics published on the NIS website. Although in the near future we are not planning to have any litters ourselves, our boy Deimos is a stud available to Northern Inuit Society registered bitches. Our dogs are health and eye tested, elbow and hip scored prior to breeding to ensure that the puppies have best start in life possible. All the puppies will be registered with the Northern Inuit Society.

Our lives have changed in 2010 when we have visited rescue center in Darlington in search of a dog we could adopt.
Kris has spotted Echo and when we have enquired about her we were told that she has a sister and "since we live in a place with nice fenced off garden it would be great if we could take them both"..... so we did. They have turned out to be Northern Inuit crosses and our lives have never been the same since. We were novice northern breed owners (although we have had other dogs before) and we have received very good training from these two girls.... not to mention, we were hooked (or addicted as we like to call it).

One of our girls (Cherokee) became very poorly a few years later and we decided it would be a good idea to get a third one to keep Echo company. We already knew we would love to have another Northern Inuit and we were searching Northern Inuit Society website for a rescue dog we could adopt. This is how a week later Talo joined our lives. We have decided to support Northern Inuit Society rescue arm as we believe they are dedicated to a noble cause that they will help every registered Northern Inuit (that needs help) to find a second chance in life.

A couple of months later we have agreed to take in our first foster girl - beautiful Senna. She was with us a few months learning how to live happily again when she found her forever home and with heavy heart we have said goodbye to this sweetheart.

When Cherokee went over the rainbow bridge, we have agreed to help out the Society and foster another boy that came into rescue - Nanook. He meant to have gone to his forever home, but unfortunately plans changed and....well... we have joined failed foster home club. Nanook stayed with us. Unfortunately, very suddenly and unexpectedly Nanook has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to keep Cherokee company in 2016. We miss both of them a lot.

In October 2013 our first Northern Inuit puppy - Deimos was born. We couldn't believe our luck and felt honoured to be chosen to take him home with us in eight weeks time. Deimos has always had a lot of character and kept everyone on their toes.

Theia joined us in February 2017 bred by Mahlek Northern Inuits and is still a not so small mischievous puppy. She is soo funny though that she can get away with murder. She is already displaying her leadership skills and will most likely replace Nanook as the furry pack leader in the near future.

Every NI who lived with us has given us training and taught us about happiness and those things that really matter in life. We are in love with this breed and wouldn't have them any other way. So our journey continues as is our education...