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Kennel name: Mahlek Burning Love of Fireborn
Pet name: Theia
Date of birth: 08.12.2016
Hip scores: N/A
Elbow scores: N/A
Eyes: N/A
DM: not tested yet
OSD3: clear by parentage

Theia is now almost 12 months old and is growing beautifully. She is definitely the mischievous one and gets into trouble most of the days. She is very clever and picking up everything (good and bad) very quickly. At the same time she is really wise and it won't be long before she takes over being at the top of the pack. The pack is already doing her bidding and she gets what she wants from them really quickly. Towards people is a cuddle monster although she likes to get to know you very well first before she will allow proper belly scratching as she needs to "think it through".

She is now doing her Gold Kennel Club good citizens course.

She has won a few rosettes during the shows, but most notably:

Best Puppy in Show at Papplewick July 2017
Best Puppy in Show at Leadhills August 2017