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Please see below some useful links if you would like to find out more about the breed, Northern Inuit Society or doggy stuff in general:

Northern Inuit Society - the only governing body of the Northern Inuit dog. There you can find out where the next show will be, so you can come and meet more Northern Inuits, more about the breed, where other breeders are located and a lot of other very useful information:

Northern Inuit Society Facebook page:

If you are interested in finding more about raw feeding this is a great place to start with wealth of information, they have their own Facebook page as well:

We train our dogs with Cast dog training (Deimos is attending agility classes regularly as well). Caroline is brilliant and understands the pros and cons of NI training very well:

The below is a link to our local crafts lady who does handmade leather leads and collars for the dogs: