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Welcome to our page and the world of Northern Inuit Dog! 

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We are small breeders based near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, UK of Northern Inuit Dog. It is home to our handsome stud dog Deimos, beautiful Theia, Korra and Talo that own us. Our dogs live with us at home and are part of the family. They usually take part in most of the things we do...surprisingly, like typical teenagers, when we start house cleaning duties they prefer to play can't get the help these days!

All our Northern Inuit puppies are registered with Northern Inuit Society and we are following breeders code of ethics. We have also been granted an Assured Breeder Status by UK Kennel Club which we worked very hard to achieve and it includes detailed audit of our procedures and premises. Therefore all of our Northern Inuit Dog puppies are registered with the UK Kennel Club on the activity register. Please see links section for more details about the scheme.

When rearing puppies we are following the puppy culture protocols to help them with development and growing into happy, socialised members of the family. We are the first Northern Inuit Dog breeders who have been placed on the Puppy Culture Worldwide Breeders Map. Puppy Culture is gold standard when it comes to raising puppies and we are very proud to be a part of it.

We would not breed unless we have a waiting list and we are always striving for our northern inuit puppies to be healthy, happy and well balanced members of human and canine society. To improve the health of the breed and genetic pool we will sometimes very carefully choose to outcross (those are always exciting times because we take so long to research every possibility and improve the breed).

If you would like to meet our Northern Inuits, would like to be put on our waiting list for a puppy or just come in for a chat about the breed, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Latest news
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May 2019
We have registered on the Puppy Culture breeders Map!

We are the first Northern Inuit Dog breeders who are registered on the worldwide Puppy Culture Breeders Map. We are over the moon with those news. Watch this space for more announcements about our involvement with this amazing programme.

May 2019
Fireborn Northern Inuit puppies have arrived!

After a very long night Korra has given birth to an amazing 11 puppies! We are over the moon! Both mummy and puppies are doing very very well. We are so proud of this litter and we will raise them following the puppy culture protocols.

April 2019
Finally we have been accredited!

After long wait, a lot of hard work and an external audit - we have accredited with Assured Breeders Status through the UK Kennel Club. We are the first Northern Inuit Dog breeders who have been accepted into those distinguished ranks of breeders!

March 2019
Fireborn Northern Inuit puppy has arrived!

After very difficult time and a lot of heartache and worry we are very proud to announce arrival of a beautiful Northern Inuit puppy boy. Check out his page under past litters section. His name is Fireborn Angels Blessing and he will be raised using Puppy Culture protocols.

February 2019
Expected puppies at Machine Northern Inuits!

We are very keen to welcome Deimos (Wild Fire Reborn) and Lu (Honiahaka Limited Edition Made for Machine) puppies into this world. This is a repeat mating from prior year that resulted in absolutely stunning boys and girls.

February 2019
Planned puppies!

We are planning a litter of puppies between Korra (Lukoi Alderaan Princess) and Mij (Shanaki Black Cuillin). This is our outcross litter to improve the health and wellbeing of the breed. We very excited to welcome the puppies into this world!n by

January 2019
Expected Northern Inuit puppies!

We are expecting our Fireborn Northern Inuit litter to arrive at the beginning of March. We cannot by

January 2019
Exciting times ahead

We have started an application to join Assured Breeders Scheme run by the Kennel Club. Please wish us luck!  rurun by

September 2018
Welcome to a new member of our pack

We are very honoured to have been chosen for the beautiful Northern Inuit girl Korra to join us. Her kennel name is Lukoi Alderaan Princess.

September 2018
Last show of the season has gone to past

We have been at the last Northern Inuit Society show of the season in Papplewick. It was a fantastic show with so many people and 4 legged friends meeting our pack. They have behaved impeccably and got some lovely placings :) Very rare occasion when I had my photo taken cuddling Chase from Deimos and Lu litter. It was such an honour to be able to see this boy.

June 2018
Planned Northern Inuit Dog puppies!!

We are planning a mating between our Theia (Mahlek Burning Love) and Yuri (Honiahaka Spirit of Destiny) from Honiahaka breeders of Northern Inuits, Wolfalikes and American Wolfdogs. We cannot wait to see the puppies.

May 2018
New show season has started

We love shows because there is no better opportunity to socialise ourselves and our pack. Our Northern Inuit Dogs pack got a variety of places, most notably: Deimos - first graduate and stud dog, Theia - Reserve Best in Show, first special yearling, Talo - joined first Veteran.

April 2018
Northern Inuit puppies have arrived at Machine Northern Inuits!

6 bundles of joy have arrived safely at Machine Northern Inuits! 4 girls and 2 boys are doing well and growing fast.

March 2018
Our Theia has passed her health tests!

We are very happy to announce that our Theia has passed her health tests. This means we can start planning our Northern Inuit litter in the first part of 2019.